Summer is fast approaching, and we sincerely hope you plan to take at least one big family vacation this year. It’s the perfect time, after all- the kids are home from school, most of the holidays are behind us, and the weather is the best it’ll probably be all year.

For those of you that plan to travel with your apprentice this year, we’ve pieced together this simple guide to help you make the most of your family time- because what’s a vacation, if it isn’t relaxation?

1. Set Priorities

Don’t forget to remind your apprentice that the kids should always be his/her first priority during working hours. While the allure of an exotic destination is enough to make any traveler giddy, it’s important that they save any personal shopping or sightseeing for when they’re off the clock! With the apprentice monitoring the kids, you’ll have much more time for yourself!

2. Make a Travel Checklist

Make a list of appropriate activities and locations your apprentice can take the kids to.  Are they old enough to ride on public transit? Are museums okay?  Any areas of the city you’d prefer they stay away from? Additionally, come to an agreement as to how your apprentice will be compensated for such trips- particularly if the compensation scheme will be different than how it is at home. Making this list early will give you peace of mind as you travel- particularly if the kids won’t always be with you.

3. Travel Comfortably

Remind your apprentice that he/she will more than likely be sharing a space with the kids, and, as such, may very well be woken up at night, and won’t have quite as much privacy as he/she may be accustomed to. The kids will likely see your apprentice coming and going, and things like phone calls and TV time may have to be modified to make sure everyone remains as comfortable as possible. There’s nothing worse than irritated, miserable kids (or apprentices) that can’t enjoy themselves because they’re uncomfortable!

4. Give Your Apprentice Some Space

After you’ve decided on a work schedule, compensation scheme, and do’s and dont’s for the kids, it’s important to decide whether or not you’ll provide an extra room for your apprentice. After working a full, 8-hour day, your apprentice will likely want a bit of private time- and providing an escape from the family will ensure your apprentice wakes feeling refreshed and energized the next day! After all, the more energized they are, the more relaxed you can be!


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