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Sterling Academy Apprentices will live in and train by doing duties which, frankly, tend to take up a lot of your time off (i.e. all of the errands and other tasks that mess up your chance to enjoy the weekends). Once placed with training families, Sterling Academy Apprentices will also receive continuing education with online and other courses to equip them to be best in class as they start their careers in private service.

Apprentices will do a variety of things based on each host family’s specific needs. Typical duties will likely include: running errands, daily tidying, cooking two full meals (dinner) per week, pitching in with laundry, dropping off dry cleaning, taking the cars in for oil changes, keeping family calendars up to date, helping with family event planning, taking the family pet to the groomer, and keeping the home stocked with groceries and household supplies. Additionally, the apprentices will be challenged to do one larger home organizing project per month. As a graduation assignment, they will be required to create a family binder to leave as a parting gift at the end of the training year which will be created for their specific training family, an easy to reference guide of important and fun family information all in one place (from where to shut off the water in a plumbing emergency to the family’s favorite recipes). The apprentices will do this with the training they receive as part of the program from Red Cape Academy (premier Microsoft educators) in OneNote.

Before accepted into the apprentice program, prospective candidates, all 21 years of age or older, will undergo a thorough background check (including a 10 panel drug screening), be taught some basics around time management, confidentiality, work ethic and general tips to transition into their roles as household assistants. They will also be required to take and pass CPR/First Aid training courses.Throughout their training year, apprentices will also receive guidance from the Lifestyle Resources team around further training they may want to take to prepare them for higher paying professional level placement in private service. Also, during their year in service, the apprentices will receive educational materials and once a month live web chats with those who have shown excellence in the field of private service. Web chats are planned with successful butlers, chefs, estate managers, nannies, housekeepers and – what seems to have prospective apprentices the most excited about the program – celebrity personal assistants.

For the safety of the apprentices, training families will also be screened and will be required to attend a live online on-boarding session before placement is made.

The apprentices are not nannies, but can assist in households where the children are in school, camp or other arrangements an average of six hours a day year round. Shuttling kids to after school functions and covering on sick/snow days are things they are happy to do.

The apprentices aren’t housekeepers, but are happy to pitch in with daily tidying and laundry between housekeeper visits.

The apprentices aren’t home health aids but can be of great assistance to retired couples or individuals without significant health complications. They will not administer medication or assist with tasks a professional home health aid might do, but if you would feel better knowing someone is going to the store with mom and helping to bring in and put away the groceries or picking dad up at the 19th hole after an especially long day on the golf course, the apprentices are happy to assist.

Dual income, no child, or families can also benefit from the assistance of the Sterling Academy Apprentices.

Apprentices will be paid for their work in the training family’s homes at an average rate of $11/hour and will be placed throughout the United States. At this point, it is a live in program with full room and board provided by the training family. However, plans are being made for a live-out offering in the future in cities local to the apprentices. A 36-40 hour work week is suggested.

This program is being put forward by Lifestyle Resources, A JaNiece Rush Company which is known for best in class service in the recruitment and staffing of high net worth and ultra high net worth homes with top level private service professionals. JaNiece and her team have been featured in publications such as Vogue, The Wall Street Journal, Worth Magazine, The Air Charter Guide, America’s Elite 1000, and The New York Times. She has been interviewed by the BBC, Access Hollywood, The Wall Street Journal Report and is prominently featured as an industry expert, in, “The Fabjob Guide to Becoming a Celebrity Personal Assistant”. Her firm was also recognized as, “The Best of the Best” in household staffing by the Association of Celebrity Personal Assistants and she was titled, “The Domestic Help Expert”, by an international “Fortune 100” company who sought her advisement and consulting services through a leading US-based work/life company.

“As many of the best private service staff are aging out of the industry and retiring, and few people with the skills required to keep up the properties of our clients are immigrating in, we are sincerely running out of people to place”, said Rush, who has been celebrated as staffing the homes of the rich and famous for nearly 20 years. “We simply saw a need to not only train a new generation of best in class private service staff, but to also make having household assistance on a high level affordable to a wider group of client families”.

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