You Deserve The Luxury Of Help – Our Program Makes It Affordable

Are you spending the time you should be enjoying yourself and your family running errands, doing laundry, going to the store, and other tasks on an endless list of chores?
Sterling Academy for Household Assistance Apprentice Program can help. Sterling Academy for Household Assistance is a division of Lifestyle Resources, known worldwide in the luxury and lifestyle community as, “the source for securing the highest level of professional private service staff.” This new division’s mission is to train a new generation of private service professionals for today’s contemporary families.

Our “apprentices” are beginners. They are coming through our program to explore private service as a career and are learning, hands on, as they live in with “training families” for one year. The apprentices help by doing the tasks that, frankly, take up a lot of time you are meant to spend relaxing and enjoying your family and home.
The apprentices will receive ongoing coaching, direction, and advice from our staff on ways they can hone their skills and better serve your family during their training year. They will be groomed and taught the skills of private service professionals via online courses.

The apprentices also receive Microsoft training in OneNote to help with family calendaring and creating a household manual just for your family and home. Our apprentices can pitch in with a variety of tasks including running errands, picking up kids at school, doing laundry, tidying the house, pet care and cooking dinner twice a week.

Once a month they will be taking on a larger organizing challenge such as helping plan a family party or, even, cleaning out the garage! Thus, increasing your standard of living, and freeing you to enjoy your time off – as just that: time for you – time for family- time for fun!

Because the apprentices are not the highly skilled professionals we are known to place through our parent company, Lifestyle Resources, and they are gaining valuable experience in their training familie’s homes, while we groom them for future placement, our program costs a fraction of the salaries, fees, and other expenses involved with having professional private service staff.
So if you don’t have millions in disposable income, (or even if you do, and just choose not to spend it), this is an excellent way to get ever evolving service in your home at an affordable cost. You deserve the luxury of staff; our program makes it affordable.

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