Here at Sterling Academy, we understand just how stressful working full-time can be.

We know that coming home to an empty fridge, a dirty room, unwashed laundry, and no food on the stove isn’t a good feeling.

And we also know that you may not want to spend your hard-earned money paying exorbitant fees to keep your home spic and span every day.

We get it.

That’s why we’ve introduced our apprentice program. After extensive, professional training on everything from meal prep to Microsoft Office, individuals selected from a team of experts are dispatched to homes around the nation to help make lives easier.

There’s no hidden costs or long-term commitment on your part. Fees are simple and up front.

So… do you need an apprentice? Let’s find out!

Worry About Dinner Through The Week?

Do you ever find yourself driving home from a hectic day at work, relieved that the day is over… only to remember that you have no earthly idea what you’re going to make for dinner? With an apprentice, you can check dinner off your list for good! Our apprentices are professionally trained to design simple, delicious meals regularly- so you don’t have to!

Often Have Loads And Loads Of Laundry To Do On The Weekend?

We know you love your family, but how in the world did they get so many clothes, right? We certainly know you don’t want to spend the only two off days you have separating delicates.

But we’d love to!

Our apprentices can easily take the load (pun intended) off your shoulders by washing clothes and doing other chores throughout the week. Talk about a relief!

Seem To Always Forget Important Family Events?

Working full-time at work and homereally does take its toll. But, while we understand that you may forget the kids’ Wednesday night soccer game every once in a while… they won’t.

Our apprentices make it easy to keep up with all your events, hobbies, and activities by handling and updating the all-important family calendar.

Got meetings back to back this week? We’ll add them to the calendar.

Need the clothes picked up from the dry cleaners? Got it.

Working late one day, and need the kids picked up? We’ll schedule it… and pick them up for you!

Our apprentices basically do it all- so you don’t have to.

Because the kids only have so many soccer games.

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