Super close to graduating, but have no idea what in the world you’re going to do with that freshly minted diploma?

Don’t worry- you’re not alone.

Studies indicate that more than half of recent college graduates simply don’t know what to do with their degrees after graduation. Many go back home and pine away at dead end jobs, hoping to happen into something that may hold their interest for long enough for them to make a career of it.

Here at Sterling Academy, we offer a solution for that predicament.

Just like you, many of our apprentices had their degrees, but knew they were destined for more than a traditional career path.

They wanted more adventure. They wanted more money. And they wanted richer life experiences.

So they gave our program a chance.

Our apprentice program granted these individuals the unique opportunity to make a career out of helping others. Placed in unique locations, with 24/7 support from experts, they learned invaluable life skills that allowed them to excel as private service professionals… and made them a shoo-in for truly career-defining occupations they later pursued .

Seemingly simple things like cooking, scheduling, and multitasking for busy families provided perfect opportunities for these men and women to flex their creative chops, hone their collaborative skills, and, best of all, put their degrees to practical use by providing work-life balance for their employers.

And for the year they were contracted to work, they enjoyed free room and board, a full time salary, and two days off every week to spend however they pleased.

With many of our apprentices being fast-tracked toward six-figure careers in private service with some of the most celebrated, interesting, and accomplished people on the planet, we’re looking for the next batch of apprentice success stories to groom in their footsteps.

It’s time to put that degree to good use.

Join us today!

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